Success Stories

Success Stories

Buffalo Youth Nation

Lisa and Buffalo Youth Nation Project have been absolutely irreplaceable when it comes to setting up and sustaining foundational systems for student success. Often in schools we tend to hear that we need to “focus on what we can control” as a response when a student faces non-academic challenges such as food insecurity, traumatic stress, housing transitions, and other social and economic stressors. In some places this ends the conversation and is accepted as a reason/excuse for a lack of student and community thriving. Since our partnership with BYNP, I have gone from hearing this frustrating statement multiple times per week to zero. With their crucial, timely, effective support we have been able to develop systematic responses to some of our families’ biggest obstacles. Our food program has served hundreds of children, adults, and elders in the community as well as providing necessities such as laundry soap, toothbrushes, bathing essentials, and more. Families are grateful for the support and as a direct result we are seeing gains in attendance, academics, behavior, and student self esteem. Their flexible, responsive support model is a breath of fresh air compared to the usual red tape encountered in government programs which can leave students waiting months or forever for the support they should be eligible for. We are sincerely grateful to have been blessed with this partnership and I’m 100% certain we will see clear positive effects from Lisa’s hard work in the Wind River Reservation community for generations to come.


Cheryl Coleman

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We have created a foster youth backpack program for our displaced students who may need to access supplies in transition.

January 2024

Year to Date we have delivered more than 70,000 lbs of food to our Wakanyeja on Reservation schools as part of our after-school food program

February 2024

YTD we have supplied over 1000 Winter Coats, Hats and pairs of gloves to our Wakanyeja from over 5 different tribes

November 2023

We have created a no strings attached grant for schools to supply shoes and other necessities for students who may benefit from them.

October 2023

Created a seed starting program for our Wakanyeja, 8 different classrooms participated and each student was able to grow a plant they enjoyed.

May 2023


Always needed and greatly appreciated, toiletries and cleaning supplies.


Working in partnership with Native-for-Native organizations.


How we started: bringing school supplies for our tribes.


Building relationships with the communities we serve.

Always in great demand, coats of all sizes are given to our youth.


Connecting with our tribal elders.