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Buffalo Youth Nation

Buffalo Youth Nation Project has a simple yet powerful vision: Improve resource availability for Native/Indigenous youth of the Great Plains region so they rise to become future leaders and healers of their Nation

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Native Women Led, Native Women Strong

True love for her Nation is what empowered Lisa, and her kids, to drive 800 miles across the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation in the summer of 2018 with school supplies. Who would’ve known this single act would immortalize a greater impact. Fortitude, Generosity, Kinship, Prayer, Respect, Wisdom, and Compassion are the 7 Lakota virtues that gathered women warriors (Akicita) from all walks of life, instilled with the spirit of healing, they established BYNP 501(c)(3) in April 2021

Fortitude - Wowačintanka
Facing and accepting challenges with strength, confidence and bravery and finding solutions that will benefit all.
Generosity - Wačáŋtognaka
Contributing to the health and wholeness of one’s people and all life by sharing and giving freely. To share from the heart, to give from the heart openly. Generosity is a way of life.
Kinship -wótakuye
Kinship is essential and it includes the ideas of living in harmony, belonging, relations as true wealth, and the importance of trusting in others.
Respect - Waóhola
Respect For The Self, Family, Community And All Life. All People And Things Are Relatives. This Respect Is Expressed In Prayer And By The Way We Act. The Outcome Of Respect Is Peace.
Compassion -wówaunšila
Compassion And Care For All, Especially The Old Ones, The Young Ones. Care For Others As You Would Yourself Because We Are All Part Of This Circle Of Life. Compassion Is Important As We All Work Together.
Prayer - Wóčekiya
All life is sacred, being in direct communication with creator in all aspects of being we see all life as sacred
Wisdom - Woksape
We live and understand our cultural values and traditions as a way of healing. We share this wisdom with others and incorporate this wisdom into our everyday life.

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Founder | Director

Board of Directors

Lisa Ansell Frazier

Founder | Director | President

Lisa Ansell Frazier is a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and currently lives in Wyoming. She is a mother of three beautiful children and a dog mom to three amazing dogs. She is a Tribal Trauma Crisis Counselor, Native Nations Advisory Panelist and a student at the Institute of American Indian Arts. She spends her free time hiking with her family and gardening. Her mission is empowerment of Native youth, creating stability and nurturing self-esteem.
Anaya Echohawk-Flint

Director | Secretary

Anaya Echohawk-Flint is a member of the Paiute, Pawnee, and Yakama Nations. She spends her time with her husband, three children and pug. She is currently working on her undergraduate in Psychology. She hopes to make mental health resources more accessible for Indigenous populations.

Katrina Vermillion

Director | Treasurer

Katrina is an artist and passionate creator of many forms of craft. She loves spending time in nature, whether it be by forested mountains or the fresh air of the oceanside. She has enjoyed the last twenty-six years providing care and connection to many animals in her community at the Frontier Veterinary Clinic. Katrina believes her purpose in this life is to help others with her voice and heart, especially children.  She does so in honor of her beautiful son and his kindness campaign, Bkind4b

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